Course Expectations

 When you are in my classroom, I expect the following rules to be followed:
  • Come to class on time. Standing outside the door and rushing in after the bell has begun to ring will constitute a tardy. You must be INSIDE the door when it begins ringing to be counted on time. 
  • Attend to personal needs before coming to class.
  • Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. 
  • Do not eat candy or other food in class.
  • Bring required materials every day unless you are otherwise directed. Your three ring binder or notebook, and a pencil or pen.
  • Talk only when permitted. If you would like to speak during class, please raise your hand to be recognized. 
  • Use polite speech and body language. Unkind teasing and impolite behavior is unacceptable. 
  • DO NOT CHEAT. Students caught cheating will receive a zero and a phone call home. Both the student who shares his or her work for an independent assignment AND the person who copies it will suffer the same consequences. I expect you to do your own work and to be sure no one can copy it. 
The following is a list of consequences for breaking one of the above classroom rules:
1st Offense: Verbal warning
2nd Offense: Class seat changed, student/teacher conference, or parent contacted as necessary.
3rd Offense: Parent contacted as necessary.
4th Offense: Parent Contacted
5th Offense: Student sent to designated principal’s office with disciplinary referral form.
SEVERE CLAUSE: If a student is severely disruptive, exhibits defiant behavior, or becomes a threat to the safety of others in the classroom, the student will be immediately sent to the principal’s office.        
NOTE: Inappropriate behavior for a substitute teacher or any other classroom guest will result in a parent phone call.

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