English 9 Syllabus

Freshman English Syllabus
 SUPPLIES: Loose leaf paper, #2 Pencils, Blue/Black Pen, a 3-Ring Binder, and Tab Dividers
Label Tab Sections as follows:
Bell Activities (B.A.)
Daily Grammar Practice (D.G.P.)
NC Final Exam
The following selections will be studied according to availability of materials.
  • Drama –Romeo and Juliet, The Odyssey 
  • Novels –Speak, Walk Two Moons, The Pigman
  • Short Stories- Selected
  • Videos – The Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, and selected short stories
  • Research –Library Orientation ,Writing
Students in Honors will check out from the library and read two books per month, and complete a project upon finishing the selected books. I will send home requirements for the projects when they begin checking out their first book. Students in Standard will check out from the library and read one book per month, and complete a project upon finishing the selected book. I will send home requirements for the projects when they begin checking out their first book.
Nine-Weeks Evaluation:
40% - Major Tests (at least 4) – (including formally handled papers)
25%- Quizzes
10% - Journals (10-15 entries per nine weeks)
15% - Vocabulary Tests
10% - Classwork/Homework
Final Evaluation:
37.5% First nine weeks grade
37.5% Second nine weeks grade
25% Final exam
All assignments are due at the beginning of class.The penalty for late work is one letter grade for each day that it is late.The penalty for cheating on any assignment is an “F” and referral to an administrator.
Making Up Work
It is your responsibility to make up any missed work because of an absence. There is a folder located in the front of the classroom under the white board with your missing assignments list.You will receive a missing assignments list when you return to school, and your assignments will be attached to the list inside the folder. You will have 5 school days to make up your missed assignments to receive full credit. After those 5 days, 15 points will be deducted each week.No work will be accepted 5 school days after progress reports have been sent home.I am available for conferences during 2nd period and after school until 3:30.If students need to makeup work or need extra help, I am available Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 to 4 and other days by appointment.
Classroom Expectations:
Please no talking while the teacher or other students are talking.
Please be in assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.
Please bring required supplies to class everyday. (English 9 text book, Notebook, Pen/Pencil)
Please NO PROFANITY, Rude Gestures, Bullying, Teasing, or Put Downs.
Please follow all school and administrators directions.
Bathroom Privileges, etc.
You will not be allowed to leave class the first 45 minutes or the last 15 minutes of class. You will only be allowed to go to the bathroom if it is an EMERGENCY. As of now, there is not a limit on the amount of bathroom passes you will receive during the semester. You will be given one at the beginning of the semester, and you will have the opportunity to earn additional ones through the reward system with you tickets. 
Attendance Policy
Attendance is an important part of success in the classroom. A writing assignment is given daily/weekly; therefore, please make every effort to be in class each day, so you do not fail to keep up with the writing assignments. You may have no more than 6 absences in order to receive credit for this course.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact me. Our school telephone number is (919)751-7120 and my extension is 8307.My email address is ashleyjoyner@wcps.org. I look forward to an exciting and successful new year.

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