Freshman Seminar Week 1

Week 1:  Getting to Know You
Day 1:  (this day was shortened , so first day activities actually took 2 days to complete)

Introduction: Review syllabus with students
Ice Breaker #1:  Write down 5 not-well-known facts about yourself.  Teacher will read these outline and students will see if they can figure out whose card it is.  This activity will help students get to know each other better without much awkwardness.

IceBreaker #2:  Students get an index card---one one side write their best memory of school so far (any grade), and their worst memory.  Each student shares 1 memory.

Day 2:  First Day Sticky Notes Activity (Team Work)

Students respond to eight questions and share, as well as sort, their responses with their team and share their findings with the class.  

Students are introduced to the "All About Me" project which will be due Friday, Sept. 1.
Today, each student makes  list of 25 things he/she wants to accomplish.  Each student shares one goal with the class.

Homework:  Find one famous quote that you feel you relate to or represents you in some way.

Make a list of 15 qualities of a good leader (research these)
Students will continue the  "All About Me" Project tomorrowj

Day 3:  Continue the All About Me project 

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