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Writing Assignment #1--Necessary Roughness ​ Letter Writing

Necessary Roughness

Letter Writing Assignment


For this assignment you are to pretend that you are either Chan or Young and write a letter to a friend back home in LA.  Tell your friend how your new life in Iron River, Minnesota is going.  You may want to consider including some of the following, but you must write about no more or no less than four things:

● Describe the school and how it is different/same as old school in LA

● Describe where you live and how it is different

● Describe the store and how it is different

● Describe your new friends

● Describe what you do in your spare time

● Describe how O-ma and Abogee are adjusting

● Describe the new food you are eating

● Discuss what you miss about LA

● Discuss what you like about Iron River


Letters are due Friday, September 11



Format Requirements:

  1. All papers must be double-spaced (this means skip a line after each line).
  2. If typed no less than one full page in Times New Roman 12 pt font.
  3. If hand written no less than 2 full pages.
  4. If hand written do not write on the back of a page.
  5. If hand written must be in blue or black ink.
  6. Write in paragraph form.
  7. Letter must look like a letter


Grading will be based on:

  1. Grammar and spelling--30 points (remember what we have done in grammar notebooks)
  2. Neatness—10 points
  3. Did you include four elements—40 points
  4. Did you follow all format requirements—20 points






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