2nd Semester/2nd Period English III

This course is intended for Occupational Course of Study (OCS) students who will be working  with both their face­to­face classroom teacher and an NCPVS online teacher.  Students will gain  mastery of curricular concepts through a survey of world literature.  Through the examination of  the English language in various contexts including literary and non­literary texts, the student will  explore, examine, and evaluate a wide variety of modes of expression. The course will also  prepare students for development of a comprehensive research­based essay. Technology skills  will be honed through the course.  Pre­Assessments will be used as diagnostic tools, while  lessons present the content, and Post­Assessments measure mastery.  This course is designed to  be implemented in a blended learning environment with collaborative instruction delivered by an  online highly­qualified English teacher as well as a face­to­face OCS teacher.  

OCS English III Course Outline:


Unit 1: Language as Oral Tradition

  • Lesson 1: The Oral Tradition
  • Lesson 2: Parts of Speech
  • Lesson 3: Introduction to Research

Unit 2: Language as Social Influence

  • Lesson 1: Persuasive Elements
  • Lesson 2: Subject/Verb Agreement
  • Lesson 3: Finding and Using Resources

 Unit 3: Language as Performance

  • Lesson 1: American Drama - The Crucible
  • Lesson 2: Characterization and Theme
  • Lesson 3: Thesis and Outlines

Unit 4: Language as Expression

  • Lesson 1: Poetry
  • Lesson 2: Writing Paragraphs

Unit 5: Language as Story

  • Lesson 1: Elements of a Story
  • Lesson 2: Types of Sentences
  • Lesson 3: Body Paragraphs

Unit 6: Language as Research and Persuasion

  • Lesson 1: Finishing Your Research Essay

Unit 7- Language as Life Skills

  • Lesson 1: Resume and Letter Writing
  • Lesson 2: Community Resources


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