Course Expectations

Mr. Jonathan Pollock         919-751-7120        

 I. Material

Required Materials: 
Composition Book (for notes), Loose leaf paper (for classwork and homework), Pencil/Pen
Index Cards, Graph Paper, Colored Pencils,
Graphing Calculator (TI-83 Plus highly recommended ~ May be purchased at a decent price from local pawn shops)

II. Grading

 Tests ~ 45%,             Quizzes/Notebooks ~ 30%,             Classwork/Homework ~ 25%

III. Class Expectations

  • Be an active part in the classroom. This includes paying attention, taking notes, being an active listener, asking appropriate questions as needed, and helping to maintain a safe and orderly classroom.
  • Maintain an orderly and organized notebook. This will be counted as two quiz grades and can be checked at any point in the semester. Keeping an organized notebook will help promote good study skills.
  • Review your notes often. Before class, after class, and in the evening.
  • Do your homework daily (if no homework is assigned, be sure to spend extra time studying the notes). Practice hones any skill. Mathematics is a skill that needs to be practiced like any sport, instrument, or talent.
  • Come to class prepared. This includes, but is not limited to having completed homework and bring all necessary materials (paper, pencil, binder, homework, etc.) 

IV. Class Rules

  • Students will be expected to respect themselves, their classmates’ right to learn, the teacher, and the learning environment. 

·  Follow all directions given by the teacher.

·  Do NOT use profanity in the classroom.

·  Enter and leave the room in an orderly manner.

·  Keep your learning environment clean and respect others’ property by not touching anything that does not belong to you unless you have permission.

·  Show respect for each other and for the teacher by not talking when someone else is talking or when the intercom is in use.

  • Students should come to class every day, on time, and prepared to learn, participate, and do their best in class, with all their materials including, but not limited to, their notebook, textbook, homework, calculator, pencils, paper, and a positive attitude. 
  • Math is NOT a spectator sport! All students are expected to be attentive, active participants in their learning process. 

·  All classroom activities are important and you should participate by listening, asking questions, taking notes, attempting problems, and contributing to discussions. This is how you learn

  • CHEATING will absolutely NOT BE TOLERATED! If a student is found cheating, it will result in a zero on the assignment, parental contact and administration referral.
  • Students will follow all directions and instructions as provided by the teacher and adhere to all school rules established by Southern Wayne High School. 

Students are responsible for their conduct. They choose their behavior, so when they decide not to meet these expectations; they must abide by the consequences.

V. Policies and Procedures

  • Upon entering the room, students should: 
    • Get their calculator, 
    • Get our their homework and materials, 
    • Have pencils sharpened, and 
    • Begin working on the assignment posted on the board, overhead or desk. 
  • Students may be asked to work together for certain assignments. At these times, students should talk quietly, work together, share materials and ideas, and stay on task
  • The majority of the student’s work will be done independently. No form of communication or use of unauthorized resources during quizzes or tests will be tolerated. 
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions during class. Students should not interrupt, argue, or ignore any other person. 
  • All work on homework, quizzes, or tests must be shown to receive credit. Answers only are not acceptable.


  • It is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments were missing when absent and to get the missed notes.


  • Absences will not excuse a student from turning in previously assigned work on the day he/she returns to class. Said assignment will be due immediately upon return. 
  • Missed assignments/tests must be made up within two days of returning to class, or in accordance with school board policy. 
  • Missed quizzes are to be made up immediately upon return, or in accordance with school board policy.


  • No student may leave class, for any reason, during the first or last 15 minutes of class, or during instruction of new materials.
Electronic Devices/Cell Phones:
I-Pods, personal CD or DVD players, electronic devices, laptops, etc. will be confiscated if they are being used during the school day. Cellular phones and other communication devices such as pagers or two-way radios are not vital to the educational process and are disruptive. Students are advised not to bring these items on campus and are strictly prohibited from using such devices during the academic day .Teachers and staff are instructed to confiscate any such devices if they are seen, heard, or being used by students during the day.

Leaving Class:

  • Bathroom Policy:

·       Students are asked to use the restroom before or after class or during lunch. However, I understand that emergencies may arise. If a student must use the restroom they must follow the guidelines listed below:

*You cannot go to the bathroom the first forty-five minutes or last fifteen minutes of class.
*You cannot go to the bathroom while I present new information.
  • All Other Requests:

·       Students will not be permitted to leave class for additional reasons (going to their locker, going to talk with another teacher, etc.) 

 VI. Discipline Policies

If you should choose to not follow the rules:

  • 1st Step: A verbal warning will be given. Note: This may be a previous general warning to the class.
  • 2nd Step: If a student chooses to break the rule again they will be sent to fill out a refocus form. If a student chooses to act up during this process they will be immediately sent out.
  • 3rd Step: If the student's inappropriate behavior persists, the behavior will be conveyed to the administration, and/or a conference will be scheduled.
  • Phone calls and emails to parents will be made as deemed necessary by Mr. Pollock.
  • Note: Major disciplinary problems/severe disruptions will result in classroom removal.
  • Note: All  referrals will be used to help the student accept responsibility for his/her actions and make a positive change. 

The ultimate goal is for students to remain in the classroom and acquire mastery of the subject matter. However, for the protection of all students and their learning environment, some of these steps may be bypassed or given in a different order.



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