Hello!  Welcome to Coach Hassell's class!

Name: Craig Hassell
Email Address: craighassell@wcps.org
Phone number: 751-7120ext.2354

.Instructor:  Craig Hassell
Location:  Rm. 109(East Campus trailer)
Textbook:  Glencoe World History(2008)
Supplies:  Large notebook, pen or pencil, textbook, folder
Overview:  The purpose of this course is as an introduction to global studies.  We will analyze world civilizations and culture with an emphasis on leaders, religions, governments, social classes, writing, movements, agriculture, industry, science and technology, warfare, economics and other global topics.  Classwork will include taking notes, mapping, stories, papers, presentations, poems, drawings, puzzles, movie questions, picture analysis, Internet research, timelines, test review questions, tests, exam review questions, final exam, etc.  Homework will include a continuation of many of these activities.  All grades will be weighted equally out of 100 pts.  There will be periodic classwork/ homework checks.  Extra credit will be given at random for all students to achieve higher scores.  Progress reports will be distributed every 3 weeks and signed by parent/guardian to ascertain grades, attendance, tardies, etc.
1.  Be on time.
2.  Have materials.
3.  Dress according to school code.
4.  Listen(don't talk) when people are speaking and stay in assigned seat.
5.  No sleeping.
6.  No cheating or lying(be truthful).
7.  No eating or drinking in class and bathroom breaks only when necessary.
8.  No bookbags in class.
9.  No electronic devices(cell phones, ipods, etc.)
10.No physical or verbal misconduct.
Any violation of these rules can result in warnings, suspensions, and possible expulsions.  Many of these rules are also school rules and students should be aware of school/county policies.
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4th Period Planning(M-F:  1:34-3:00)

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