EWHS Code of Conduct

EWHS Code of Conduct
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Eastern Wayne High School

Code of Conduct Addendum


  • Students are only allowed to be in designated areas before school, after school and during lunch.  Students may be in the cafeteria, between the cafeteria and main gym or directly in front of the cafeteria, the main gym and the main building between the front door and the corner of the building near gym.  Students who are in any other area at any time without permission will be treated as skipping. 
  • Students may not leave the designated areas to return to the Freshman Academy or any other building until the bell rings ending that lunch period.  Students may only go to the library if they have a prearranged not from library or a teacher. 
  • Students must have a hall pass at all times if they are in the halls during instructional time.  Students are to exchange their cell phone for their hall pass.
  • Students may only leave class to go to the restroom after the first 45 minutes and before the last 15 minutes.  This should be adhered to by all staff members unless the student has a medical note or an extenuating circumstance.
  • Only one student should be allowed to leave any teacher’s class at one time. 
  • If students are found to be using a cell phone in the hall or restroom during instructional time it will be confiscated. 
  • Cellphones are only allowed before the last bell, between class change bells and after the bell at the end of the day. 
  • Students should not have ear phones at school or on the bus.  Staff members are instructed to take away any earphones they see and send them to the front office.  They will only be returned to a students parent after school hours. 
  • Any student engaging in a fight on the EWHS campus will be suspended for 10 days, referred to Wayne Academy and risk criminal charges.
  • Students engaging in a fight risk being arrested and also being sprayed.
  • Any student involved in a fight in any other way such as promoting or recording will also receive disciplinary action.
  • Students surrounding a fight instead of walking away may also receive disciplinary action. 
  • Second load bus riders must remain on the sidewalk and area in between the cafeteria and the main gym.  Students in any other area will receive disciplinary action. 
  • Students are required to use the restroom in the building where their class is located.  If there are inadequate supplies in the restroom please inform a staff member who will notify office.  
  • The only bathrooms students may use during lunch are the male and female bathrooms located at the end of the main building halls which open on the main gym side.  Students may only enter at the doors outside of these two bathrooms.  
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